The Rössle - its history is that of a courageous and committed Black Forest family which runs the hotel today in the third and fourth generation.

Up here in the Bernauer Hochtal ("high valley") in 1919, the coppersmith Albert Mäule took over the Rössle Inn, which was at that time on the outskirts of the village. As one of the oldest houses in the valley, the inn had a long tradition. It was built in 1740 opposite the parish church, which had been completed only two years earlier. Together with his wife Josefine, Albert Mäule developed the old inn into a respectable guest house.

His only son Ernst, a trained confectioner, continued to invest in the building, renovating, modernising and expanding the range of accommodation available. He obviously recognized the signs of the times, as a growing number of holidaymakers from Germany, Switzerland, France and even from overseas streamed into the remote valleys of the Black Forest to find oases of peace and aromatic forest air.

Ernst Mäule passed away in 1980, and his only son Albert had already taken over the business in 1967. In 1987, he married Annelise Frey, a Bernau woman from the Hof district. A trained hotel manager herself, she was completely committed to the business. By 1991, the Rössle had 60 beds and a restaurant to seat 80 guests. As a trained cook, Albert Mäule managed everything all the "stomach things". He always used to say, "If the guests like it, they are satisfied. And when they are satisfied, they say good things about our Rössle. And then they come back, bring their friends with them, or send them here on their own. So... what's on the table must always be good and better than the last time. That's the best advertising for us!"


The concept has obviously worked; all guests enjoy the food, and there is a high number of regular guests, which is the way we want to keep it. Today, the hotel is managed by the third and fourth generations, Anneliese Mäule and her two children Alexandra and Florian. Their father Albert passed away in September 2018 in the closeness of his own family. He was proud to have witnessed how his children and his wife Anneliese had made big steps in developing the Rössle. - with an elegant new building, the SPA House, offering 22 double rooms with a large and lavishly equipped wellness and beauty area (and a spacious terrace). a. the largest swimming pool in Bernau), with the renovation of the restaurant and parlour and the conversion of all rooms and suites in the main building.

Florian Mäule has long continued his father's legacy - his cuisine is appreciated throughout the region and, above all, in neighbouring Switzerland from where people like to stop off at the Rössle for a treat. Mother and daughter take care of everything else, making sure the guests are well looked after - with the help of course of fabulous staff at the reception, room service, in the garden ... wherever hard-working hands and clear decisions are needed. You'll even find them in the kitchen sometimes when Florian needs a bit of extra help. Wherever you go in the Rössle, you will always feel the charm and personal touch of the family. Some of the Frey family work at the Rössle too, helping wherever and whenever possible; Nicole Frey works in the wellness area, and her sons just love riding the lawn mower. A private hotel needs plenty of family for everyone to be satisfied!

2019 will be a special year in its history - the Rössle will be 100 years old.


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