The Rössle in Bernau began as an inn with its own farm in 1919. It is now a modern Black Forest hotel with a quality restaurant whose cuisine is appreciated far and wide. Alexandra and her brother Florian work with their mother Anneliese as the 3rd and 4th generations of the Mäule family to run the Rössle Mäule. They are attentive hosts - mother and daughter are "onstage" everywhere in the hotel, whilst Florian is more "backstage" in the kitchen.

For that special, personal Rössle touch.

Working in the Rössle

We like to maintain a family atmosphere. And the same goes for our employees. Wherever we meet our guests in the horse, we have time for them.

Up in the valley

We are family

We are committed to our guests, to make sure that they always feel comfortable and can relax on their stay with us. We want them to enjoy every aspect of their stay and recommend us or come back again themselves.

We're proud to say that how it mostly works. We have a high proportion of regular guests that is constantly rising. The guests look forward to our sunny high valley, to our well-kept rooms, to our wellness offers. They look forward to Florian's good cuisine, and to all of us, each and every member of staff.

Our staff, too, are all people who live hospitality with a passion, who love their work and have been with us for years. We place great value on friendliness at all times to colleagues and guests alike. The most important factor in ensuring genuine work satisfaction is to make sure working conditions are fair and satisfactory.

We take special care of "newcomers" to our team; we help them find accommodation and familiarise them with the job; we eat together and use our Black Forest SPA, we talk over wishes, suggestions and expectations openly and in a family atmosphere.

We also train our staff to become qualified hoteliers, chefs, restaurant specialists.

» Working at the Rössle

Would you like to work with us? We will be glad to get your unsolicited application! 



We are looking for employees for the following positions
full-time, part-time (e.g. 4-day week) or as a 450.00 Euro job.

» Service. f/m/d

» Roomservice. f/m/d

» Chef . f/m/d

Positions often available as

» Trainee (f/m) for administration, restaurant and kitchen 



We often need staff to work part-time (450 euro basis) jobs in the areas of reception,
restaurant, kitchen and room service.

Always on the move

Service at the Rössle

Service staff are present throughout the day - in the restaurant and the parlour, in the bar and on the terrace. There's always a staff member on hand for any wishes our guests have - at our breakfast buffet, at lunch time, in the afternoon for coffee and cake, for a refreshment between meals, through to serving full 4-course evening menus.

We are currently looking for suitable service employees. Full-time, half-day or weekend rotas possible.

High Standards

Cooking at the Rössle

The idea is to spoil our guests.
Florian Mäule leads his team true to a very simple principle: anything that is prepared has to first taste good to him. After that, it's all about collegial work in a team, about concentration and passion, about not letting up, and challenging oneself to the limits every time. Recipes that work stay as they are. Or we make them even better.

What else? Respectful handling of the kitchen in general: with high quality ingredients and top quality preparation, with colleagues and equipment; with the presentation of the dishes and making sure our guests are satisfied.
Quite straightforward, really! Guten Appetit!

Currently, we have positions open in the kitchen - a cook, a kitchen cleaner, a confectioner


Room service at the Rössle

Room service consists of repeating rituals over and over again. If you want to do this job, you just have to like it. If you have a good sense of order and are consistent in your standards, then you are right with us. The whole house - hotel rooms and suites, wellness areas and restaurants - is always clean and well maintained. Which is thanks to our dedicated staff.

We are always on the lookout to optimize the processes in our daily work.

We are currently looking for suitable room service staff. Full-time, half-day or weekend rotas possible.


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