2.00 P.m. – 6.00 p.m.


Glas of Sparkling wine . rosé  7.50 €

Hugo . sparkling wine . elderberry syrup . mint  6.50 €

Non-alcoholic Apple secco . from Raumland  6.50 €


Stock . with pancakes  7.90 €

Asparagus cream soup 7.50 €

Wild garlic cream soup . with crackers  7.50 €

Gulash soup . from Bernau pasture cattle. with bread  12.50 €



Mixed salad plate  7.90 €

Vitello tonnato . Slices of pink roasted veal shank
on tuna sauce with leaf . salad with balsamic vinegar 
16.50 €

Salmon trout
pickled with melon-mint salad and yoghurt  17.50 €

Asparagus salad
with roses from Black Forest ham 15.90 €

main courses


Pork escalope Viennese style . fried
with french fries
19.90 € / small portion  17.90 €

Caesar Salad
with parmesan dressing  12.50 €
with fried strips of salmon trout 
19.00 €
with strips of turkey breast  18.00 €

Alsatian sausage salad
with cheese and bread  13.50 €

Black Forest Vesper board
with ham, cheese and bread basket . for 2 persons
  18.00 €

Alsatian tarte flambée
with bacon and onions
or with leek and tomato  
14.00 €

Fricadelle of beef and pork
in red wine sauce with potato salad  14.90 €  



Crème brûlée . from Tahitian vanilla
with strawberries, white chocolate mousse
and basil ice cream  12.50 €

Chocolate Brownie . lukewarm
with peppered strawberries and rhubarb ice cream  12.00 €

Two types of mousse . from the Valrhona chocolate
with mango and passion fruit ice cream  13.00 €

By using regional products, we not only draw attention to the special features of the region, but also specifically support the farmers in the southern Black Forest. On the one hand, they guarantee the production of valuable and healthy food and, on the other hand, they preserve the varied diversity and uniqueness of the landscape through their cultivation of the land.

We reserve the right to make changes. 
All dishes may contain traces of allergens.




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