Cream of asparagus soup  6.50 €

Bouillon with pancake  6.50 €

Asparagus salad, warm and served with rosette of Black Forest ham
and leaf salad with balsamic vinegar  14.00 €

Wild salmon, smoked, with asparagus-potato rösti,
chives cream and leaf salad  14.00 €

Large mixed salad plate 9.50 €
with fried salmon trout strips in sesame  14.50 €

Veggie Burger
tomato, mozzarella, basil and sweet potato chips  10.90 €

Beef salad of pot roasted fillet
with mustard sauce and bread  11.90 €

Alsatian sausage salad
with cheese and bread  8.90 €

Platter of Black Forest ham
with basket of bread  12.50 €

Platter of Black Forest specialties, incuding homemade sausage, ham,
cheese and basket of bread for two  24.00 €

Alsatian tarte flambée
with bacon and onion  8.50 €

Viennese style pork schnitzel
with French fries  12.90 €

Bernauer stag sausage
with onion sauce and potato salad  13.90 €



Variations on rhubarb
cake - compote - ice-cream with strawberries  10.50 €

Two kinds of chocolate mousse
with fruit carpaccio and raspberry ice cream  10.50 €

Baked cream of Tahiti vanilla
with strawberries and basil ice cream  9.50 €

Vanilla ice cream
with meringues and cream  7.50 €

Black Forest Cup
sour cherries with Black Forest cherry brandyvanilla
and chocolate ice cream and cream  7.80 €

Ice cream with raspberries
vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and cream  8.00 €

Strawberry cup
with yoghurt and strawberry ice cream and cream  8.50 €

Fruit cup fruit salad
with vanilla and fruit ice cream and cream  8.50 €

Coupe Denmark
Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and cream  7.20 €

Scoop of ice cream
vanilla, yoghurt, rhubarb, basil, chocolate,
nut, mango passion fruit sorbet, raspberry sorbet,
strawberry sorbet  2.50 €

We reserve the right to make changes.

All dishes may contain traces of allergens.


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