It is very beautiful up here in the high valley - the adjoining forest with its fauna and flora, countless streams rushing to the valley, lush meadows in the valley and on the slopes, wide views, ever-changing skies.

Spending time here in the southern Black Forest is a wonderful experience you'll never forget.

Bernau in the Black Forest

Visitors to the Rössle love the amenities of our hotel - cosy rooms & suites, quality wellness & beauty, good food & drink. But they also love going out into the surrounding nature and taking in the wonderful fresh air and sun of our high valley.

That's why Bernau is a recognised health resort. Come give your health a boost on one of our more than 100 km of hiking trails, go mountain biking or skiing in winter.

Health Resort in the Black Forest

Bernau is situated in one of the well known sunny high valleys of the Black Forest, especially well known for its width and spaciousness. It is 8 kilometres long, open and sun-drenched, opening, as it does, to the south.

Bernau is a state-recognized Black Forest health resort, surrounded by hills, fields, meadows and moors. And above all it is truly a part of the world renowned Black Forest. Every season has its charms.



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