Eating well has a long tradition at the Rössle. That's where Florian Mäule gets his inspiration to spoil his guests with delicacies from the Baden region as well as with international dishes, though he never fails to add his own brand of that special Black Forest touch. Regular guests and locals have long appreciated what he brings to the table.

Take a seat and just let it come.

Honour & Passion.

Preparing and serving regional foods is a matter of honour for Florian Mäule and for his employees. Every day they put great skill and feeling into maintaining and evolving a little more the Rössle tradition. The ingredients are always good, fresh and aromatic, many come from the region, and there is always an offering of seasonal dishes.


We have a passion for cooking.

A little better every time.

We are always looking for the better dish, the better preparation, the better ingredients. And yet there are dishes that have a regular place on our menu, that are just right as they are, that just need us to prepare them with the same care we always give them. Recipes that work stay as they are.  


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We are always looking to carefully process and combine seasonal products in the kitchen. We'd like to whet your appetite in the following pages for what you can expect when you come to visit us. We'd hate you to miss some of culinary highlights of the year we have prepared for you.

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For exceptional taste experiences, we use as few ingredients and aromas as possible in our recipes. We cook so it tastes good. Prepared with feeling and meticulous care, artfully served for the eye to feast on.

Discerning cuisine is for us like a process of renewal, day by day.


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